Ararat Restaurant invites you to try traditional Armenian dishes and the dishes of the Caucasian countries bordering on Armenia, with new Portuguese character added by us.

We have thoroughly chosen local food, ripe vegetables, and fresh meat and enriched them with the Armenian millennial culinary experience, traditional spices and a mixture of fragrant mountain herbs delivered from the valleys of the Caucasus. The state-of-the-art equipment and air conditioning system allow us to cook meals in the very center of Lisbon in the traditional way on open fire and charcoal as if you were in an old Armenian house at the foot of Ararat.

Our chef Andronik Mesropyan and his team from Armenia rely on their many years of experience to create a real symphony of classics and experiment for Armenian cuisine in Portugal. However, we don’t merely want to make a gastronomic trip to Armenia, but we create a place in Lisbon able to tell the Portuguese about Armenia and Armenians through their unique cuisine and ancient traditions.

The restaurant is decorated in the Armenian style. We have brought from Armenia authentic Armenian carpets: the tradition of their manufacturing goes back millennia, and their “elder brothers” decorate the walls of the Museum of Calouste Gulbenkian , the great Armenian of Portugal. We have also brought pictures by modern Armenian artists.

Welcome and bari akhorjak! – Bon apetit!