The cuisine of one of the world’s oldest countries has been cherishing its traditional recipes for more than 2500 years. Almost every Armenian dish has its history and legend carefully handed down from generation to generation.

However, this is not only the ability to hand down interesting food combinations through centuries from mother to daughter and from father to son that makes the Armenian cuisine unique, but also the ability of the Armenians to borrow the best from their neighbours and tirelessly achieve even greater perfection.

Armenia lies at the intersection of trade routes, which allowed it to get acquainted with the cuisines of many countries, and, besides, the Armenians themselves became so widespread in the world that they were able to bring home recipes from the most remote corners of the globe.
The Armenians borrowed from the Mediterranean cuisine a great number of vegetables and learned to combine them in various dishes.
Oriental countries and nations gave the Armenian cuisine exquisite sauces and exotic spices. Ancient Turkic peoples, nomads and conquerors, game them meat roasted on charcoal and shish kebab.

The peoples from Asia Minor introduced Armenians to chickpea dishes, having enriched the Armenian cuisine with hummus and dolma
But none of the “borrowed” dishes was left without improvements. Any new recipe has acquired over time the Armenian accent and Caucasian flavour.